<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Mens Singles League


for "World Rules" across the counties


This venture is now terminated due to lack of interest from the members.
However if enough interest is shown then this event maybe resurrected.
Contact the League if you believe this competition has gathered enough support, or you can help raise a Singles League.

Here was the bare bones of the intended rules in short..
Matches played at a suitable venue on a suitable night from 8pm.
Open to all current SLKPA registered members (of any sex) who play regularly within the League.
12 frames per match, every frame won scores 1 point.
Based on a league round robin format where everyone plays each other once.
Top placed players once all the matches are played receive prize money.
All lower placed players play off for a consulation prize.
Entry fee was £40, but could be altered to suit.
Around 12-15 nights of pool, a great way to practice.
The rules in detail were under construction and may need fine tuning, but are available to view on the link.