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Account Number 06822746
Please inform the League of any payment made so that the transaction may be tracked


Posted 12/07/16 The minutes for the AGM on Sunday 3rd July 2016 at Crayford Social Club, complete with officers reports and financial accounts for the previous 12 months is available here. 2016 AGM Minutes
Posted 12/07/16 The next Committee meeting is on Sunday 7th August. Submission of all result sheets is due on/by this date at 7pm at Bellegrove Social Club. Please ask the barstaff to put them on the bulldog clip clearly labelled to the right of the bar for collection if you deliver these in person before the meeting is scheduled. Details of how to use other means of submitting the sheets can be seen below in the general postings section. There is no penalty points buy back option on the last submission date of the season, but all other dates offer this option should you fail to submit your sheets.
Posted 04/06/14 No minors under the age of 18 years of age should attempt to enter Eltham Terrace Club. The League have no jurisdiction over this. It is a mandatory requiremnt according to the licence agreement held by Eltham Terrace Club. If juniors are reported to be playing competitive SLKPA matches then both the team and the individual may be penalised under SLKPA rule 5.2.
Posted 14/10/13 To aid venues and teams to assemble or improve the squad of pool players, a simple posted has been prepared which you may find useful. Print it off from the" Players" page.
Contact updates

These team captains have amended their contact details for a varity of reasons. Please amend your records acordingly.

Royal Oak Addicks: New contact is Ben O'Brien 07720 933530

General Postings

The League's stance on matches in times of bad weather is if public transport, particularly the buses, are running then the match should go ahead. Under no circumstances should teams cancel the match without first speaking to their Divisional Secretary who will make the final decision. Any team that takes it upon themselves to cancel, will be treated as a "no show" and be penalized accordingly.

Any team that would like help with World Rules, simply contact the League and an instruction evening will be set up at either your home venue or a suitable alternative. Here you will be shown the rules and can advice off of theLeague Committee, most of which are EPA qualified referees.

Please include any notable performers or events when texting in results, so that they may be included in the weekly media release. It doesn't always just have to be a player who wins 3/3 etc. The report writer is not at your match so they depend on you for information.

Result sheets may be submitted to the League in a number of ways.
i) In person at the committee meeting on the scheduled date.
ii) Via email and scanned over to results@slkpa.com
iii Via post to Steve Reed 3 Cannon Place, Charlton, London. SE7 8HD.
iv) Via fax to 0871 247 7584
v) Via photoext to 07958 654023

League Committee meet on the first Sunday of every month at 7pm Bellegrove Social Club.
Please submit all your completed result sheets on or by this date.
These may be faxed to 08712 477584, scanned & emailed to results@slkpa.com, photographed & texted to 07958 645023, or posted to Steve Reed 3 Cannon Place, Charlton, London SE7 8HD.
Fees for team registrations.
Winter £60, Summer £50, Reserve League £15.

If you are the primary contact, or you become the primary contact for your team please ensure you keep the league updated with any changes to your mobile or email address. Failure will impact on your team as the league is run online and via mobile phone.

Qualified referees
The League have a number of referees that have passed the EPA referees exam.
Any other these will be happy to provide you with any rule cocncerns you may have.

Scott Shephard - D Grade passed 2015
Martin Donohoe - E Grade passed 2015
Craig Jones - E Grade passed 2015
Alan Reed - E Grade passed 2015
Tony Frost - E Grade passed 2013
Paul Gafa' - E Grade passed 2013
Steve Reed - E Grade passed 2013

Rulings and advise:

Interferring with the cue ball when the ball is about to enter or has fallen into the pocket after an in off foul, is not advisable. By preventing the cue ball to return to the tray at the foot of the table via it's normal path before retrieval can be construed as a "Loss Of Frame" foul under rule M5. Our members are advised never to interfere with the natural path of the cue ball and just allow it to fall into the pocket and trundle through the table and ony retreive it from the return tray.

Deliberately breaking from outside of the baulk area is not acceptable and players should not contemplate in breaking from any other area other than within baulk. The League's guidelines on the ruling should this take place in any SLKPA competitive match that the frame be awarded to the opponent under World Rule M8, breaching the "Spirit of the Game".

The Pro Cup balls with the dark reds, striped black and spotted cue ball are acceptable match balls and should be used if provided by either the home or away team. If a team supplies these balls then the opponents have no choice but to use them. In time the League hope that all SLKPA competitive matches will be played using Pro Cup balls.

Matches in the top division are advised to be played with the stopwatch in operation, to promote better pool within the SLKPA. This is not a mandatory requirement but is urged. Teams using a stopwatch must have an actual stopwatch. Mobile phones, wristwatches etc aren't suitable. In time playing with the stopwatch will become the norm.
If a team whether they be the home or away team request the use of the stopwatch then the opponents have no choice but to accept. Once the stopwatch is in place it remains in use for the entirity of the match.

Repositioning the cue ball when playing from bulk with the white in hand with the cue is not advised. However so long as the tip does not come into contact with the white, then no foul has been committed. The shaft and ferule are all deemed OK, and no foul should be incurred.

For those new teams who are unsure what is expected on match nights here is an overview of a typical match.

Both the home and the away team should arrive in plenty of time to commence the match at 8pm. The pool table should be vacant by 8pm to allow matches to start promptly. Matches consist of 15 frames, and all 15 frames should be completed, irrespective of the score, as each frame is counted for frame difference.
Winter season scoring system.
1 point warded for each frame won, with no win bonus for the winning team.
Summer season scoring system.
1 point awarded for each set won, + 1 bonus point for the team that wins the most frames.
The team captains should complete the first five names (set) on their match result sheets complete with their registration number and exchange them with the opposition, so that each player is not aware of his opponent until the sheets are exchanged. Each of the five players picked to play should sign the result sheet. The away team break, whilst the home team referee in frame 1. In frame 2 the away team referee and the home team break and so on throughout the match. No player can break more than twice in a match (unless there is a re-rack or foul break). When five frames have been completed the next set of five names should be completed on the match result sheet and exchanged in similar fashion mentioned above. Likewise for the third and final set. Players can be substituted in and out for the second and third set, allowing the captain to manage his squad however he deems fit. It is only necessary for each different player used in the match to sign the result sheet once. It is common practice for sandwiches/snacks to be brought out by the hosts at a suitable point in the evening and a fund raising card is sometimes sold to offset the expense of food, table costs etc by the home team. At the end of the match the captain should complete the scores and print and sign the bottom of this own result sheet. The match result should be texted through to the divisional secretary with the correct score/information ASAP after the match. His number is on the result sheet. The result sheet should be retained by the team secretary and submitted at the next committee meeting for player ranking purposes and as a back up in case of any complaint the league committee receive by an opponent. Your result sheet is the only proof you have if there are any disputes on illegal players etc. Result sheets can be delivered in person at 7pm at Bellegrove Social Club usually on the first Sunday of each month, alternatively they can be posted, faxed, photo texted or emailed to arrive by the same date, the relevant details are on the match result sheet.

Reserve League

Matches are staged in a similar fashion to matches in the main league. The differences being that matches start later at 8:30pm and only 12 frames are played. Made up of 4 sets of three, therefore a team can compete with just 3 players. No player can break more than three times in a match. Winter and Summer seasons both have the same format. In the Reserve League players do not need to be registered with the SLKPA, making it easier for ad hoc players to represent a team, if a team is short.