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Current holders
Eltham Terrace Club A
2017-18 Eltham Terrace Club A
Founders Cup

The Founders Cup is the League's team knock out competition.

The Founders Cup is contested each winter season.
The match format is the same as regular matches however the match ends once a team reaches 8 frames won.
Please use the usual result sheets issued at the start of the season.
The away team breaks in frame 1 and breaks then alternate throughout the match.
The provision of food by the home venue is not mandatory in all cup matches.
Where 2 teams who use the same match table are drawn at home in the same round, then an alternative table, venue, or match date should be sought by the team drawn out later in the draw.
Founders Cup winners will be invited to enter the EPA Champion Of Champions national competition, with the finals staged at Yarmouth later in the year.
Entry fee will be reimbursed once the competition is over, providing the team have fulfilled their obligations.


1st Round 15th November
Hotshots 8-4 CSC Sorry In Advance
Rugrats 8-2 Just Bellegrove
Eltham Terrace Rack Pack 8-4 Happy Hustlers
Academicals 5-8 Eltham Terrace Club A
Sharks 8-1 Lord Kitchener
Fox & Hounds 2-8 Hustlers
Eltham Terrace Rovers 8-5 Crayford Arms
Bellegrove A 3-8 Allstars
New Eltham Social Club 7-8 New Eltham
2nd Round 3rd January
Real Hustlers 4-8 New Eltham New Boys
Sharks 8-4 New Eltham
Pickwick 8-3 Rugrats
Hotshots 8-2 Eltham Terrace Rack Pack
Rose Inn 1-8 Allstars
Eltham Terrace Rovers 5-8 Eltham Terrace Nuthouse
New Eltham Club 4-8 Bexleyheath Working Mens Club
Hustlers 3-8 Eltham Terrace Club A
Quarter Final 14th February
Hotshots 6-8 Eltham Terrace Club A
Pickwick 8-5 Eltham Terrace Nuthouse
Allstars 8-4 Bexleyheath Working Mens Club
New Eltham New Boys 3-8 Sharks
Semi Final 14th March at Eltham Terrace
Eltham Terrace Club A 8-2 Sharks
Pickwick 6-8 Allstars
Final 21st March at Eltham Terrace
Eltham Terrace Club A vs Allstars

Results to be texted to Paul Gafa' 07443 456662 immediately after the match.

2018-19 Prize money

Winners  £ 100.00
Runners Up  £   50.00