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Only players already registered and active in the League are permitted to play in SLKPA events unless an open event is declared.

Entry to competitions that are started and finished on the same day, are pay on the day.
Entry to competitions that start and finish on different days/weeks/month are payable in advance by paying in person to a League Committee member or via a bank transfer.
Entry to any competition can only be made upon receipt of the entry fee. Word of mouth etc will not gain you entry into the competition.

All knock outs are likely to take place at multi table venues unless specified other than the early rounds Pairs and the Team Knock Outs (Founders Cup and Silver Salver).

Pairs. Entry fee £5 per player.
Register: TBA.
Runs from dates TBA.
Matches to be arranged by the compettiors themselves between the dates specified.
Best of 5 frames.
Date TBA 1st Round (last 32)
Date TBA 2nd Round (last 16)
Date TBA Quarter Final
Pairs Final Night 8pm Monday 28th March 2022 at venue TBA.

Lower Division Singles. Entry fee £5.
Register on the day.
Time and date Noon, Sunday 20th February 2022 at venue TBA.

Ladies Singles & Mixed Pairs. Entry fee £5 per player per competition.
Register on the day.
Noon Sunday 9th January 2022 at venue TBA.

Singles. Entry fee £5.
Register: TBA.
Played on 2 consecutive weeks Thursday 14th and 21st April 2022.
Venue TBA.
Best of 5 frames.
8pm 14th April 2022 1st Round (last 64)
9pm 14th April 2022 2nd Round (last 32)
10pm 14th April 2022 3rd Round (last 16)
8pm 21st April 2022 Finals Night at venue TBA.

Sudden Death Singles. Entry fee £2.
Register on the day
8pm 21st April 2022 at venue TBA.

Masters. Entry fee free by invitation only, for the top ranked winter season players.
Time TBA Date TBA at venue TBA.

Registration from Noon, matches commence at 12:30pm, for all knock outs on a Sunday, unless specified.

Players will need to have played a minimum of 1/3 of the frames possible by the previous result sheet submission date to qualify for entry into the main Singles knock out. Other minor knock outs are likely to have this rule relaxed to encourage participation, however all players will need to be actively playing within the League to participate. Reserve League players will need proof via their result sheets. Contact the League if you have a doubt over the eligibility of a player participating in the knock outs.

In the Ladies Singles, the competitor only needs to currently registered to be eligible to compete.
Mixed Pairs can be made up from one currently registered player (male or female) whilst the partner can be a SLKPA member or non member and may play within the same or a completely different team.
The restriction on players having to have played 1/3 of matches to be allowed to be able to play is not applicable in the Ladies Singles or Mixed Pairs.
Format for Mixed Pairs is scotch pairs.

Lower Division Singles is for all registered and active SLKPA players outside of the top division.

Singles is for all registered SLKPA players from all divisions.

Mens Pairs must be made up of two current SLKPA registered players playing within the same team.

Speed pool, 10 ball crash and killer competitions will also be staged on individual knock out dates subject to demand.

Current trophy holders

2021 Sudden Death Singles Champion

Jamie White

Jamie White (Bull Tavern) Trophy + £15
Beat Jason Brunton (Bellegrove Flyers (£5) 1-0
Full draw

2019-20 Lower Division Singles Champion

Alex Biggs

Alex Biggs (Eltham Terrace Nuthouse) Trophy + £70
Beat Paul Gafa' (Pickwick (£40) 4-1
Full draw

2019-20 Ladies Singles Champion

Angie Hobbs

Angie Hobbs (Sea The Angles) Trophy & £15
Beat Melissa Barnes (New Eltham New Boys (£10) 4-1
Full draw

2019-20 Mixed Pairs Champions

Angie Hobbs & Shane O'Reilly

Shane O'Reilly & Angie Hobbs (Various) Trophy & £40
Beat Michael Barnes & Kerry Wyatt (Various (£20) 4-3
Full draw